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Jaya Swaroop
4 min readJun 3, 2020


Virtual Reality Game Development

Virtual Reality game development/gaming or VR gaming for short became a booming concept right from the very start of the previous decade and is still gaining popularity as we speak.

virtual reality game development

So what exactly is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality is the use of technology to create an artificial three-dimensional simulation of an environment in, which unlike traditional simulations where you view the simulation on a screen, virtual reality places the user inside it; Here the participant can use their visionary senses, touch and sound to fully interact with what’s around them to the point where they can manipulate and explore what’s around them. Users see one’s surrounding from their perspective, which shifts accordingly as they move by the real-time processing of head and eye positions by the VR system.

How does Virtual Reality apply to games?

The thrill of playing a game can be enhanced, putting the players in a truly immersive 3-D gaming environment. Players can use various Virtual Reality gaming equipment such as headsets, gloves and controllers to experience the games in their perspective which is vastly different when compared to staring at a screen.

How has Virtual Reality gaming gained popularity

Several giants of the Tech industry namely Sony, Oculus and HTC, all released their next-generation commercial tethered headsets. Playstation VR, Rift and Vive were the innovations that kick-started the rise of what was once a niche topic.

Our experience in Virtual Reality game development

Here at Nipsapp Gaming Software Private Limited, we have had the opportunity of developing several virtual reality mobile games such as Titanic, Tomb Run, Amusement Park, Virtual Anatomy, Virtual Reality World Tour, Virtual Sky Wars and many more all of which are high-quality Virtual reality mobile games developed by us.

Our games support a wide range of virtual reality hardware from Oculus to Samsung Gear to HTC Vive and games such as Titanic and World Tour are integrated with Ultra HD graphics allowing the players to receive an exceptional gaming experience.

Here are some of our VR games.

Titanic, Amusement Park, Sky Wars, Virtual Reality Robbery, Tomb Run, Pac man and VR Subway Run provide the player with a truly thrilling and heart-racing experience, boasting top tier graphics combined with high-level clutch gameplay that is guaranteed to keep anyone on their toes.

Virtual Anatomy is a game with highly detailed anatomical structures hosted by your virtual Doctor Aiman where he explains each structure through an in-depth description. The game consists of Anatomical dissections, quizzes and examinations all built in to have an exhilarating learning experience.

Shooting games such as Cops vs riot attack, Zombie Revelation, Forest Hunting are designed to test the players precision and perseverance as they take on hordes of zombies, animals and humans in a hostile enviroment. Players can take full control of a situation and manoeuvre around in real life, using controllers to aim, shoot and move about in the virtual world.

We have developed many games that satisfy the players craving to go out and explore. Built with stunning graphics and unique concepts, one can travel countries, explore the seas, go to space and even travel back in time all from the comfort of their home.

World Tour has 20 countries loaded in with a built-in 360 Panoramic view, all ready for you to explore and enjoy offline; It has many more features such as Hotspot navigation and even a VR Luxury Bar to spice up your experience.

VR Animal Feeding and VR Zoo allow players to interact with different animals allowing them to experience creatures first-hand that would otherwise be miles away.

Games such as The Amazing World of Dinosaurs, VR space Ship, Space walk and Underwater Fishing allow players to experience worlds, which are otherwise impossible to witness, all of which are our developments powered by Unreal Engine.

Forget Fantasy, do you want to tour through your dream house an American Villa? or a fancy balcony? this is all possible, as we have many real-life simulations of modern architecture built right here at Nipsapp just for you.

We have even dived into the world of VR multiplayer, games such as Bumper cars VR allow you to experience the exhilarating gameplay with your friends and family in real-time! Together!

The world of Virtual Reality is a concept of possibilities and here at Nipsapp we have the means to make sure your ideas become reality.